CHAINBREÄKER "Relentless Night" details and pre-order.

The 2nd full-length of the Austrian thrash/speed metal maniacs CHAINBREÄKER "Relentless Night" will be unleashed on All Hallows' Eve, together with the new albums of IGNITOR, HELLSPIKE, LEGIONEM and VOMIT DIVISION. It's a high-speed trip that will haunt you relentlessly through the night and rip you to shreds! Raspy lead vocals with wild screams supported by effective backing vocals, razor-sharp guitars and killer drumming - this merciless thrashing machine should be on the radar of all who are into Paul Baloff-era EXODUS, RAZOR, EXCITER, early SLAYER, VULTURE (Ger.), RANGER, STÄLKER, SODOM, old KREATOR and DESTRUCTION, ANTICHRIST (Swe.) and EVIL INVADERS.

We've uploaded two new songs on our YouTube channel ("Iron Grave" here and "Relentless Night" here), and there's additionally a third one, "A Prayer Down the Drain" in the Bandcamp player on the CHAINBREÄKER page. The complete CD track listing is as follows:

1. As Dusk Rises
2. Nightstalker
3. Vile Hounds
4. Iron Grave
5. A Prayer Down the Drain
6. Relentless Night
7. The Axe
8. Out of the Crypt
9. Into Eternal Silence
10. S.M.P.

(Cover art by Velio Josto)

You can find more info about "Relentless Night" and see the high-res cover on the page of this release.

You can pre-order the CD until Monday, October 26th, 11:00 PM Central European Time (UTC+1) from our SHOP page. As always, we are offering it in a convenient bundle with the other new releases (in this case with other four, saving 12,00 Euro), but also in a bundle with one of the debut full-length of the band, "Wasteland City", which is available separately as well. You can add to it also the new compilation CD "Compendium of Metal Vol. 13". We have set and will keep the German shipping rates in the shop for one week. Thanks to this, you can buy many more items for the same low shipping cost, which is particularly convenient for orders from outside of Europe and from Germany, and have them shipped as priority mail. Only orders from Italy and Australia will be shipped from Italy (as goods shipment to Australia is still not possible from Germany due to the pandemic-related transport problems).

The album can be also pre-ordered as digital download (in lossless formats) from our Bandcamp page. Later on, it will be distributed digitally by CD Baby and made available from iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google Music, Spotify and other retailers and services.

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