"Compendium of Metal Vol. 13" and 2020 release plan.

Even though much later in this year of the plague than normally, we're keeping up the tradition and releasing our next compilation CD. "Compendium of Metal Vol. 13" will be out on October 31st, together with other 5 releases (the only ones this year).

The CD features 14 songs of 14 bands and comes with an 8-page informative booklet. The first songs are from the upcoming (October) releases by 5 bands that have joined our roster this year: IGNITOR (US power/heavy titans), CHAINBREÄKER (thrash/speed from Austria), HELLSPIKE (a new speed/thrash act from Portugal feat. ex-Ravensire members), LEGIONEM (doom metal from Italy) and VOMIT DIVISION (black/thrash from Germany). It contains also previously unreleased/exclusive songs by ALBERT BELL'S SACRO SANCTUS (a promo single from the upcoming album), RISEN PROPHECY (live version from 2017), KÖMMAND (rehearsal recording of a new song for their next album) as well as acoustic version of a TOXIKULL song from their last album. The remaining 5 tracks are from our 2019 releases.

Check the complete track list and more info about "Compendium of Metal Vol. 13" on the page of this release.

The CD, released with an informative 8-page booklet, and packed with old school metal in various styles (with playing time of 73 minutes), costs 6,00 Euro, but you can have it for 4,00 Euro if you order it with other items in our SHOP. The album is also available for pre-order as digital download from our Bandcamp page for 4,00 Euro only.

We put only 10 songs for streaming in the Bandcamp player, but you can preview all 14 tracks (about 1-minute excerpts) from the album trailer/promo clip which you can watch on YouTube or here:

And here's the list of our only 2020 releases, all to be out this Halloween:

VV.AA. "Compendium of Metal Vol. 13" CD
IGNITOR "The Golden Age of Black Magick" CD (Heavy/Power Metal from USA)
CHAINBREÄKER "Relentless Night" CD (Thrash/Speed Metal from Austria)
HELLSPIKE "Lords of War" CD (Speed/Thrash Metal from Portugal)
LEGIONEM "Sator Omnia Noctem" CD (Doom Metal from Italy)
VOMIT DIVISION "Hell in a Bottle" CD (Black/Thrash Metal from Germany)

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