It took a while, but we're happy to finally announce the signing of VOMIT DIVISION, a new black/thrash metal project from Germany. Despite it being a one-man band of Desmotes who sings and plays all instruments in the studio, there was already a live line-up and a couple of shows scheduled, which unfortunately got cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. When we were contacted by this German maniac and heard his first EP from last year, we had no doubts we wanted to release his full-length album, even prior to hearing a single new song. And we were not disappointed when we got it. "Hell in a Bottle" is loaded with ripping riffs, demented aggression, hurtful honesty and a stolid "fuck off" attitude, but don't expect another run-of-the-mill black/thrash album - you're in for a few surprises there! The closest comparisons we can think of would be MIDNIGHT, DESASTER, BATHORY, DARKTHRONE, NIFELHEIM, DESTRÖYER 666, GOSPEL OF THE HORNS, AURA NOIR, TOXIC HOLOCAUST and HELLRIPPER.

"Hell in a Bottle" is set for the October 31st release - as always, it will be available on CD, Bandcamp and on all relevant digital platforms. We will post four new songs when we'll start the pre-order in ten days. For now, you can listen to the EP "Rites of Vomit" (2019) from their Bandcamp page.

If you want to learn more about the band, check the VOMIT DIVISION page here.

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