HELLSPIKE signs with MOMR.

HELLSPIKE is a new speed/thrash band started by two friends and veterans of the Portuguese metal scene, and it is also one of our new signings. The vocalist may sound familiar if you're a fan of PERPETRATÖR or RAVENSIRE as it is Rick (also known from IRONSWORD and FILII NIGRANTIUM INFERNALIUM, where he only played bass) who sings here. The guitar duties are handled by the exceptionally talented Zellpike aka Zé RockHard, who was Rick's band mate in RAVENSIRE and who also plays in INQUISITOR. Their friendship goes way back just like the idea to form a band that would pay tribute to the Teutonic heavy/speed and thrash legends from the first half of the '80s like NECRONOMICON, DESTRUCTION, IRON ANGEL, LIVING DEATH, VIOLENT FORCE, RUNNING WILD, GRAVE DIGGER or WARRANT. It took until 2019 for this idea to be realized though and until this year for the songs to be recorded, and we are happy to be making them available for you soon.

Their debut album "Lords of War" will be released on October 31st on CD, Bandcamp and on all relevant digital platforms, and the pre-order will start in ten days. Before we reveal four new songs, check the trailer clip on YouTube featuring fragments of a few of them to get an idea what to expect.

Go to the HELLSPIKE page to learn more about the band.

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