CHAINBREÄKER joins our roster.

We're chuffed about the signing of CHAINBREÄKER from Austria. These young metal maniacs contacted us earlier this year, sending a couple of songs from their yet unreleased second album. Impressed with what we heard, we asked for more right away. The headbanging and air-drumming impulse was irresistible, and they also were very active on the live front until the pandemic struck, so the offer was sent and the deal signed soon after. "Relentless Night" definitely surpasses their already good debut and brings venomous speed/thrash tinged with some heavy and old school black metal that we are sure will appeal to fans of the old masters like early EXODUS, RAZOR, EXCITER, SLAYER, SODOM, KREATOR, DESTRUCTION and of the new guard represented by VULTURE (Ger.), RANGER, STÄLKER, ANTICHRIST (Swe.) or EVIL INVADERS.

"Relentless Night" will be out October 31st on CD, Bandcamp and on all relevant digital platforms. We will reveal four new songs in ten days, when we'll start the pre-order. For now, you can listen to their last album from 2018, "Wasteland City" on Bandcamp.

To get to know more about them, check the CHAINBREÄKER page.

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