SPACE GOD RITUAL joins our roster.

We've just broken a few or our own rules and preferences. First of all, we don't add new bands and releases once our release schedule is finalized in early April and the songs for our annual compilation chosen. Then, we are not interested in releasing albums which have already been released in some form. We also have a preference for working with bands from Europe and it's important for us that they are active live. But all these things can be ignored if the band is as brilliant as SPACE GOD RITUAL from Portland, OR, a Lovecraftian doom metal trio, who have just released their new album on Bandcamp. Their proto doom style with orchestrations bringing to mind a horror movie score, awesome, often theatrical vocals and a huge dose of eeriness will certainly appeal to fans of ARKHAM WITCH, THE LAMP OF THOTH, PENTAGRAM, LUCIFER'S FALL, HELL and BLACK SABBATH.

"The Unknown Wants You Dead!" will be released on CD on July 25th, at the Headbangers Open Air festival (and later on available from all relevant digital platforms, like all our releases). We will post the new music later next week, when we'll start the pre-order. For now, you can also listen to their last album from 2016, "Tentagram" on Bandcamp.

And you don't want to miss reading the band's biography, especially if you're into all things Lovecraftian and weird - just go to the SPACE GOD RITUAL page to do it.

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