KÖMMAND signs with MOMR.

We're chuffed to introduce another band joining our roster this year, KÖMMAND from Seattle, WA. There was no way we could resist these filthy and raw black/thrash sounds! As they wrote themselves, the band "reared its ugly ümlauts to crush all wimps, punish eardrums, and speedböoze to oblivion in honor of the eternal RIFF". Hearing only their debut album from 2017 was enough for us to offer them a deal, but after hearing their new one, we know it will rip some heads off. Fans of bands such as AURA NOIR, DARKTHRONE, SARKE, BEWITCHED, NOCTURNAL BREED, RUST, OMEGA, BARBARIAN or BUNKER 66 will love this stuff!

"Savage Overkill" will be released on July 25th, at the Headbangers Open Air festival. We will post a couple of songs from the new album later next week, when we'll also start the pre-order. For now, you can listen to their debut album from two years ago, "Nekrö Kömmandö Attack!" on their Bandcamp page.

You can understand their attitude from the photos, but go also the KÖMMAND page to check the band's biography as it's quite fun to read.

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