TOXIKULL joins MOMR roster.

This year we already released an album of a Portuguese band, MIDNIGHT PRIEST, and now we are happy to officially announce the co-operation with another act from this country, TOXIKULL. Both bands share the very talented screamer, Lex Thunder, who also plays guitar here. Their music is more of a mix of styles, with heavy and speed metal being the main ones, but on their previous releases there was also some thrash and US style power metal noticeable. Just a few days ago we received a preview of their new album, and all we can say it is more killer than we expected, and we already had high expectations after their last EP. It will be titled "Cursed and Punished" and released in mid-September. Apart from the obvious similarities to MIDNIGHT PRIEST because of the vocals, it can be best compared to JUDAS PRIEST, AGENT STEEL, RAM, ENFORCER, VICIOUS RUMORS, HELSTAR and early HELLOWEEN and SCANNER.

You can check the TOXIKULL page to find out more about the band, and listen to their EP "The Nightraiser", released earlier last year, from Bandcamp.

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