April releases.

Keep It True festival was the release date for 3 regular albums: MELIAH RAGE "Idol Hands", MELIAH RAGE "Dead to the World" (2018 Edition) and WARFIELD "Wrecking Command", and the annual compilation, VV.AA "Compendium of Metal Vol. 11". The CDs can be ordered from our SHOP page, and those who don't collect CDs can purchase the albums digitally for now from our Bandcamp page, and very soon also through CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon MP3, eMusic and other retailers. Here's the recap:

"Idol Hands", the 9th album of the US power thrashers MELIAH RAGE features some of the most inspired songwriting in the band's history. Paul Souza is back with his melodic yet aggressive vocals, perfectly complementing the music. The Nichols/Koury duo laid down some serious guitar work here, and the drums sound mighty powerful. Flawless, clear but heavy production rounds it all off. It can be ordered also in a bundle together with the new edition of their 2011 album or with their previous studio album from 2014, "Warrior".

MELIAH RAGE "Dead to the World" is rereleased after 7 years with 2 bonus tracks from 1994 (previously unreleased CACTUS LAND demo songs). It's a hook-filled album with great melodic lines and crunchy riffs, played by seasoned musicians delivering their goods with confidence. Not as thrashy as their early stuff, but more mellow and classic US metal oriented.

The young Germans WARFIELD unleash their first full-length full of brutal, uncompromising and honest old school thrash metal, aptly titled "Wrecking Command". They manage to deliver with ease what many veterans seem to have forgotten. Each song rages and rampages with screaming guitars, thundering drums and overpowering roars. A fine first timer straight from the aggressive young thrashing heart!

If you want to have all these CDs, you can save 6 Euro by purchasing the 3 New Releases bundle.

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