BATTLERAGE "Dreams in Darkness" album details.

Unfortunately, like almost every year, our release schedule had to be changed due to bands being late. So we had to postpone the releases originally planned for July (MIDNIGHT PRIEST is delayed further to November). Luckily, one band was ready a month before the deadline, so we're able to present you 3 new releases now.  After 7 years, BATTLERAGE are finally back with new material! On September 5th we are releasing the long awaited 4th album of these Chilean heavy metal warriors titled "Dreams in Darkness", which is the band's most varied and original one to date. As uncompromising as before, but with new facets to their songwriting, unmistakable gruff vocals of Fox-Lin Torres (the only remaining original member, who now became the main songwriter) and the most impressive guitar work, as well as tons of passion and rough energy, they stand with one foot firmly planted in US metal and one in '80 German metal. It's quite difficult to find comparisons in this case, but it's hard hittting old school heavy metal that should appeal to all fans of GRAVE DIGGER, CIRITH UNGOL, METAL CHURCH, OMEN, TYRANT (Ger.), PARAGON, SACRED STEEL, IRONSWORD, etc.

The band had previously filmed a video clip for the title track "Dreams in Darkness", while we just uploaded 2 new songs, "Immortal Sin" and "I See the Winter in Your Heart" on our YouTube channel. Additionally, there's also another new song, "Victim of a Liar Heart" available for streaming in the Bandcamp player on the BATTLERAGE page on our website. Here's the album track listing:

1. Victim of a Liar Heart
2. Immortal Sin
3. Crazy Wolf
4. Placer Infernal
5. Hide from Yourself
6. I See the Winter in Your Heart
7. Intellectual Dreams
8. Prisons of Fire
9. Dreams in Darkness [bonus track]

(Cover art by Sergio Maldonado)

You can find more info about "Dreams in Darkness" and see the high-res cover on the page of this release.

Until September 7th midnight Standard Central European Time (UTC+1), you can order this CD from our SHOP page with German shipping rates, which are especially convenient for orders from Germany and from outside of Europe. We made it available also in convenient bundles with the previous studio albums "True Metal Victory", "Blood, Fire, Steel" and "The Slaughter Returns". After that date, we will change back the rates to Italian ones.

And, as always, those who don't collect CDs can pre-order the album as digital download (in lossless formats) from our Bandcamp page. Later on, the album will be distributed digitally by CD Baby and made available also from iTunes, Amazon MP3, eMusic and other retailers.

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