WARFIELD "Wrecking Command" album details.

The third CD release to be out at the Keep It True festival on April 27th is WARFIELD "Wrecking Command". The debut full-length of these young thrashers from Germany contains exactly what the name promises. Tight, unmistakable riffs and tons of shredding are unleashed upon the crowd at a rapid pace! There’s no time for experiments; aggression and high speed are the highest precept here. If you're a fan of old school Teutonic thrash in the vein of KREATOR, SODOM and DESTRUCTION, you should definitely check them out!

Here is clip for one of the new songs, "Trade in Blood":

You can listen to "Call to War" from our YouTube channel or from the Bandcamp player on the WARFIELD page, where we put also a third song, "Vision Genocide". The complete CD track listing is as follows:

1. Wrecking Command
2. Self Deceit Race
3. Barrage Fire
4. Divine Winds
5. Call to War
6. Atomic Strike
7. Vision Genocide
8. Under the Surface
9. Trade in Blood
10. Martyr

(Cover art by Marius Münch)

Find more info about "Wrecking Command" and see the high-res cover on the page of this release.

At the Keep It True festival we'll have a small table space for selling our releases, so if you're there and would like to buy the WARFIELD CD (or any other of our releases), just come up to our stand! On the same day we're releasing 3 other CDs: VV.AA. "Compendium of Metal Vol. 11" (our annual compilation, this one with 13 songs of 13 bands, including some previously unreleased and exclusive tracks, clocking in at 73 minutes), MELIAH RAGE "Idol Hands" and MELIAH RAGE "Dead to the World" 2018 Edition. We've changed the postage rates in our shop to the Deutsche Post ones and we'll keep them until next Thursday night, May 3rd midnight Standard Central European Time (UTC+1). Thanks to this, you can buy many more items for the same low shipping cost, which is particularly convenient for orders from outside of Europe and within Germany.

Like all our releases, also this album is available as digital download (in lossless formats) from our Bandcamp page. Later on it will be distributed digitally by CD Baby and made available also from iTunes, Amazon MP3, eMusic and other retailers.

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