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MELIAH RAGE "Before the Kill" is a compilation of the earliest recordings of the US power/thrash veterans from Boston. It contains a pre-MELIAH RAGE rehearsal from 1986 with another vocalist and with 4 previously unreleased songs (more classic metal style), the 1st demo with Mike Munro from 1987, "Kill to Survive" song off the 2nd demo, and 3 live tracks from 1988. This is as raw and authentic as it gets - 70 minutes of pulsating energy, sheer enthusiasm and old school aggression... a trip down the memory lane for all true Metalheads!


The German epic doom metal masters DOOMSHINE are back with their 3rd album entitled "The End Is Worth Waiting For". They weave the spell of doom throughout 7 inspired songs, dwelling mostly in slow and mid tempos. Beautiful and haunting melodies, clean and smooth vocals, ultra heavy riffs, excellent musicianship, and a good variety of moods is what they offer on this exceptionally inspired album. This band keeps shining on like gold in the doom metal pantheon.


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