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Keep It True festival has been traditionally the release date for our CDs, ever since we started out in 2008. This time we've had 5 new releases at KIT: VV.AA "Compendium of Metal Vol. 8", STONEGRIFF "Come Taste the Blood", DARK QUARTERER "Ithaca", RISEN PROPHECY "Into the Valley of Hinnom" and ARKHAM WITCH "Get Thothed Vol. I". The CDs, as well as T-shirts (we still have some left after the festival) can be ordered from our SHOP page, and those who don't collect CDs can purchase the albums digitally from our Bandcamp page, CD Baby, Amazon MP3, iTunes, Google Play, eMusic and so on. Here's the recap:

STONEGRIFF's new full-length, "Come Taste the Blood", is doom metal in its purest form. Over the lava of molten riffs, the vocals, ranging from clean to raspy mid-range to high pitched wails and tortured screams, add a sense of desperation, thickening the foreboding atmosphere.  Their sophomore album, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Andy LaRocque at Sonic Train Studios, can be ordered also in a bundle together with their debut "Prologus Magicus" CD and with the T-shirt.


"Ithaca", the 6th album of DARK QUARTERER, the Italian pioneers of epic/progressive style, is a concept inspired by Constantinos Cavafy's poem of the same title. The album in itself is a fascinating journey through sounds and words. Spellbinding, quirky, unconventional... This music is very warm, full of various emotions, much thanks to the impressive, versatile vocals... A unique and monumental work of art.


The young British power/thrashers from RISEN PROPHECY have impressive technical chops and the most brilliant sense of song crafting, which has resulted in a really mature album with highly developed, epic compositions. Crunching riffs, delightful solos, super tight rhythm section, and to top it off, a charismatic singer with powerful vocals used in a theatrical way! "Into the Valley of Hinnom" CD is available also in a bundle together with the T-shirt.


"Get Thothed Vol. I" is the first in the series of 3 EPs of ARKHAM WITCH playing THE LAMP OF THOTH songs, and features 5 TLOT classics. It comes in cardboard sleeves with insert and with a slipcase to house this and the future 2 EPs, as well as the booklet with all lyrics (to be out with "Vol. III"). A must for all die-hard fans of this British heavy/doom metal bunch, especially for those who prefer their more doomy side. Here's what it looks like:

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