METAL LAW "Lawbreaker" Second Edition CD and new EP.

Due to continuous demand, we have decided to re-release the sold-out METAL LAW album from 2008, now entitled "Lawbreaker" Second Edition. This new edition, apart from remastered sound, offers three bonus tracks dug up from the band's vaults - demo songs recorded still under the group's original name REUDIG:
"Mirrors" (2001) - previously unreleased track.
"Metal or Die" (2002) - taken from "Hunter & Prey" demo (2004).
"Raise Your Fist" (2003) - previously unreleased version of the song later re-recorded for METAL LAW's debut album "Night of the Wolf".

Go to the page of this release for more details and music samples, and watch the music video clip featuring the complete "Metal Law" song on our YouTube channel here.

The CD will be released on April 19th, at the Keep It True festival, but you can already pre-order it from our SHOP page. The digital version in lossless formats is available for downloading from our Bandcamp page exclusively (there will be no digital distribution).

When you give METAL LAW's second full-length effort "Lawbreaker" a spin, it won't take long until you realize what this band is about. As evidenced by the group's name, heavy metal is the law when you listen to their songs - there is no compromise, no "in-between" attempts to blend in with the modern metal music that has changed so much from its origins. It's these origins that METAL LAW focus on, bringing back traditional heavy metal as it was meant to be, with lots of soloing, melodic leads and quick, rolling rhythms.


In the meantime, METAL LAW were busy writing new songs. 4 of them were recorded in December 2012/January 2013. One of the songs, entitled "In Metal We Trust", was chosen for the "Compendium of Metal Vol. 6" compilation CD which will be out on April 19th, while the remaining three constituted "Lord of Evil" EP which the band made available for streaming and downloading directly from their website at the end of March.

Stated the band:
"With 'Lord of Evil' we want to give metal fans around the world a chance to get their hands at new material from Metal Law as quickly as possible. We are quite proud of the result of our recent studio work and we hope everyone who hears it will enjoy it."

The upcoming 3rd full-length album "Hellride" is in the works and will be probably finalized and released in 2014.

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