STONEGRIFF joins our roster.

In Doom we trust... but unfortunately more often than not we come across bands that label their music as Doom (or are labeled as such by record companies and media), but are either completely unlistenable or "only" boring for us. Those who know us know we can't stomach sludge and drone (not even to mention some goth bands that are considered as Doom by some), and also stoner is a style that we don't enjoy. What's left? Death/Doom is what we dig in many cases, but most of all, when we say "Doom" we mean traditional and epic Doom METAL.

There are rather few bands that play this purest style of the heaviest music and do it with real class and with balls (contrary to the melancholic and depressive/emotional Doom style), so when we come across one, there's a big smile plastered on our faces as we hit the "play" button over and over again.

Such was the case with Swedish STONEGRIFF. When they contacted us and we checked the songs from their MySpace page, it didn't end on just one or two listens. We were coming back to those songs and playing them repeatedly many more times. What grabbed our attention and eventually won us over were not only the crushing riffs to die for but mostly the vocals with so much charisma that is really rare to find nowadays. We've just received all songs for their debut album and we know it was the right decision. They could probably be best compared to KRUX, while it's rather obvious that their main influence are the forefathers of the genre, BLACK SABBATH. And we can bet the fans of TROUBLE, PENTAGRAM, CANDLEMASS, NOMAD SON, SPIRITUS MORTIS and LAS CRUCES will dig them just like we do.

We are happy to welcome this still unknown but fantastic new doom metal band to our small family. On the STONEGRIFF page on our website you can check their biography and more info, including the links to their sites. Their debut full-length "Prologus Magicus" will be out this July.

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