The cassettes of ARKHAM WITCH and OUTRAGE are finally here! Both are pro tapes, strictly limited to 66 copies each, just like the two previous titles we released on cassettes earlier this year (BATTLERAGE and SKELATOR). If you're an old school Metal Maniac and tape collector, check the bundle offers and place your order on the SHOP page!

"On Crom's Mountain" is ARKHAM WITCH's debut album from 2011. It was released by Barbarian Wrath on CD, now by us on tape with a new cover art and it will be out on vinyl next year through Journey's End Records. We think these UK heavy/doom metal brigands don't need much introduction... let's just say: if you have "Legions Of The Deep" CD, you also need their debut to complete your collection (on whatever format suits you best)! Here's the track list:

Side A:
1. Battering Ram
2. The Lord of R'lyeh
3. Burn the Witch
4. The Phantom Bowmen
5. Dagon's Bell
Side B:
1. March for War
2. Waterfront Fists
3. The Necromancer
4. Viking Pirates of Doom
5. Crom's Mountain

You can find more info about "On Crom's Mountain" and listen to the album on the page of this release.

OUTRAGE "7 Is 1 And Other Tales" is a tape-only compilation release, consisting of two titles this old German blackened thrash band recorded and self-released in 2006: "7 Is 1 Take One" full-length and "Tales Of Counted Sorrows" EP. The band has developed their own particular style - the compositions have more twists and less early black metal elements than their early '80s material (of which many songs were re-recorded last year and released by us as "Go To Hell" CD), while still remaining quite primordial. The track list is as follows:

Side A:
1. Beneath a Dying Sun
2. Hot on the Trail
3. Mystery Song
4. The Mind Untarnished
5. Baphomet
6. Intensity
7. Where the Dark Rivers Flow
8. The Night When the Accuser Came
9. Astaroth
10. Metal Religion
Side B:
1. No Unique Thing
2. The Inner Contract
3. Coloured Visions
4. Killer
5. Shadow Fires
6. The Drowse
7. Operation M.C.
8. A Case for the Mortals: Miasma


You can find more info about "7 Is 1 And Other Tales" and listen to a few tracks on the page of this release.

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