MELIAH RAGE "Where Nothing Ever Grows" video.

We have just received a video clip for MELIAH RAGE song "Where Nothing Ever Grows" from Omnidawn Productions. The team consisting of Danny Brady (who did the animation), and Branden Maxham and Brad Piche (who directed and edited the video) had been working on it since this summer and we are happy to be able to finally present to you the final result. We have to admit they were extraordinarily meticulous when it came to the details: they have re-created the scene depicted on the band's last album cover art perfectly, making sure that every object was there, and adding some more. It's incredible to see the artwork "come to life" like this!

The song comes from "Dead To The World" album, released in July 2011, and lyrically deals with post-traumatic stress disorder. In the role of the soldier suffering from it you can see none other than the band's own bass player Darren Lourie, who gave an ace performance.

Watch the video here or directly on our YouTube channel:

And here are some stills:

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