Leo Stivala (FORSAKEN) recording guest vocals for ARKHAM WITCH.

Leo Stivala, the vocalist of the Maltese doom metal veterans FORSAKEN, has recently recorded additional vocals for the title track of the upcoming ARKHAM WITCH album "Legions Of The Deep". The recording took place in the home studio of Chris Grech (guitarist of NOMAD SON) in Mellieha, Malta and was an event that will be remembered fondly by all parties involved (Simon, Emily and Aldo of ARKHAM WITCH were present there, as well as yours truly, who also had one week half-vacations in Malta).

Leo was kind enough to send us his personal comment about it:
"After the awesome time passed last year at the third edition of the Malta Doom Metal fest, I was contacted by Aldo from Arkham Witch to see if I was interested in performing in one of their songs for their new album. My answer was an immediate YES... taking into consideration the great sense of friendship I have with band and the fact that I like their music so much. So after a few months we talked again, agreed about the song "Legions of the Deep", and that the recordings will be done at Chris Grech's studio in Mellieha, Malta. We met in Mellieha a day after I got back from Hellfest and went straight to the studio... Bammm, there we go... first take was already awesome!!! I really had a great time singing this song, as I felt that I really gave it a live feeling... we were all headbanging and having a good time... things sounded so great!!! Simon also gave a very solid performance re-recording his vocal parts. Some touches from Chris on the desk to get everything together and it was ready. It is an honor for me to be part of this album from Arkham Witch and I want to thank the band, Jowita and Simone from Metal on Metal records for showing trust in my vocal capabilities and for showing such a great sense of friendship for so many years and through this recording!!! YOU RULE!!! Metal till the End!!!"

Simon Iff?, ARKHAM WITCH vocalist, added:
"We just wanted Leo to sing on our album because he is a true doom metal legend! Aldo "Dodo" Doom has a long history and friendship with Forsaken and Leo, and it is an honour for us that a vocalist from a band that has been a big inspiration to Arkham Witch, both in terms of their music and the passion with which they go about delivering it, should consent to sharing a mic with us! Singing with Leo was a blast and I really hope that someday we get to perform this song together live! The man's molecular structure is composed from particles of pure heavy metal!"

You can witness the metal madness that took place on that very day, June 23rd, in the studio of Chris, captured on this video:

Filmed and edited by Simone Peruzzi with a little help from Jowita Kaminska-Peruzzi (who also took the photos).

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