BATTLERAGE tape and SKELATOR tape and vinyl.

The cassettes of BATTLERAGE and SKELATOR were not delivered to us in time for the Keep It True festival; we got them when we were already in Germany (thanks to Italian postal service that needs 2 weeks to deliver a package from another European country), but we have them now and you can order them from now on. Both are pro tapes, limited to only 66 copies each! A real treat for all true Metalheads and old school collectors! Check the bundle offers and order from the SHOP page.

BATTLERAGE "Battlefield Supremacy" contains all songs from their 2004 full-length album "Steel Supremacy" (minus the Manilla Road cover) and 4 studio songs (including intro) taken from their 2006 EP "Battlefield Belongs To Me". Both releases of this Chilean True Metal horde were very hard to find and not available for a long time.  Here's the complete tape track list:

1. Caput Draconis
2. Heavy Metal Axe
3. Spawn Of Terror
4. The Cult Of Doom
5. Wage The Demons' War
6. Covered In The Blood Of The Gods
1. The Nameless One
2. Battlerage
3. Cimmeria
4. The Wargods Return
5. In Blood You'll Pay
6. Disciples Of The Horned Skull


You can find more info about "Battlefield Supremacy" on the page of this release.

SKELATOR "Give Me Metal Or Give Me Death" is a 2007 re-recording of their 2003 full-length demo. As a bonus, we have added the band's very first 4-track demo "Taste My Demon Seed" from 2000. The album had been made available by the band for downloading from their website only, back in 2008, so this is the first time it sees the light of day on a physical (and fitting) format. The track list is as follows:

1. Nightstalker
2. Riders Of The Wehrmacht
3. She-Ra
4. Crusade
5. The Skelatorian Manifesto
6. Wrath Upon The Cross
1. Skelator
2. Give Me Metal Or Give Me Death
3. Skelator
4. Riders Of The Wehrmacht
5. Wrath Upon The Cross
6. Nightstalker


You can find more info about "Give Me Metal Or Give Me Death" on the page of this release.

Additionally, we have another new item available. We had licensed our 2010 release, SKELATOR "Death To All Nations", to Pure Steel Records that have just put this album out on LP. This version includes a spoken introduction "The Elder Gods Of Metal" and a Phantom Lord cover "Evil Never Sleeps" as a bonus. We've got several limited black with blue splatter and regular black vinyl copies available - you can purchase them from our SHOP page (check the bundle offers!). Read more about "Death To All Nations" album on the page of this release. And here's what the LP looks like:

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